Dr. Oneal is a skillful psychologist who is fair-minded and compassionate. I have worked with Dr. Oneal on both sides of the aisle during my career. As a public defender, I cross-examined Dr. Oneal many times when he testified as a State witness against my clients. As an adverse witness, he was always unbiased, accurate, and extremely pleasant. Over the past 10 years in private practice, I have engaged him to evaluate numerous clients. His reports are always thorough, well-written, and have helped me persuasively and successfully tell my clients’ stories in court.
Cooper Offenbecher
Attorney at Law
Allen, Hansen, Maybrown & Offenbecher, P.S.
Dr. Oneal is incredibly gifted, well respected by Judges, DPA’s and other experts in our community. He is the best evaluator to have on your team if you are representing an adolescent or youthful adult. My teenage clients all tell me how comfortable they were with Dr. Oneal, and how easy it is to talk to him.
Michele Shaw
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Michele Shaw
Dr. Oneal is prompt, communicative, thorough and effective in his work as a forensic expert. In addition to his excellent interviewing and report writing, he is a compelling expert witness during litigation.
Adrien Leavitt
Attorney at Law
King County Department of Public Defense
Dr. Oneal has been my go-to expert for many years for my clients and his services have been incredibly valuable . He has conducted numerous psychological evaluations for my clients and provided court testimony. Dr. Oneal’s work is completed thoroughly and promptly and he is always available for consultation. I highly recommend his services.
Bradley Drury, WSBA 36909
Attorney at Law
Jack W. Hanemman, P.S.
I have represented juveniles in court for over a decade and in that time have retained Dr. Oneal on numerous cases to assist my clients in achieving fair and favorable outcomes. Dr. Oneal has a thorough understanding of adolescent brain development, risk assessment, forensic psychology, and the special circumstances of youth in the juvenile justice system.
Mamie Lackie
Attorney at Law
Senior Deputy
Whatcom County Public Defender
I have used Dr. Oneal’s services multiple times over the last 12+ years. I recommend his services. Not only is he consistently available but he is attentive to my client’s needs and concerns. He also has the ability to explain complex psychological issues in a way that a layperson can understand, which is very important in my practice.
Gabriel Rothstein
Felony Attorney
Snohomish County Public Defender
I’ve worked with Dr. Oneal for over 10 years through DVR. Dr. Oneal is accessible, flexible and compassionate in his interactions. Dr. Oneal individualizes his services to meet the specific needs of different customers. The evaluations are straightforward, professional and delivered in a timely manner.
Mark Dixon
DVR Counselor
Working with Dr. Oneal is always very easy. He goes out of his way to help me understand my clients’ clinical limitations as well as the State’s experts’ conclusions. When writing reports, he reviews every record given to him and contacts the clients’ family and friends to make sure he has a complete understanding of clients. When he is called to testify he demonstrates professionalism and a breadth of knowledge that always outshines the State’s expert. I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Oneal.
Laura Shaver
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Laura Shaver

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